Lung worm

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Puppies and dogs are naturally inquisitive and put all sorts of things in their mouths.Snail and slugs can be plentiful at times in our gardens and you need to be aware of the dangers that they can pose.

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The life-threatening lungworm A. vasorum is carried by slugs and snails.
If your dog comes into contact with these common garden pests there is a risk it could become infected.

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Please don’t forget that slug pellets also pose a danger to your dog so don’t use them.Try to find a safer way to deal with snails and slugs.

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Please go to this site for more information about lungworm and be guided by your vet regarding diagnosing it and treating it.

There are several types of worms that your dog will need treating against so do discuss your course of action with your vet.Please don’t leave your puppy in the garden unsupervised as there are so many potential dangers for them.