Kennel Cough

2d7e2-cough1 Kennel Cough

There have been several cases of Kennel cough locally.
Kennel cough is a bronchitis characterized by a harsh, hacking cough which most people describe as sounding like “something stuck in my dog’s throat.” It is similar to a chest cold for humans and some strains are worse than others ( just like different flu viruses)
It is very contagious and is spread by droplet infection.Incubation is between 2 and 14 days.
Young,old and ailing dogs and dogs who may be under stress ( e.g in kennels or away from home) are particularly vulnerable.Most dogs get over it very quickly but sometimes older dogs,or dogs with weakened immune systems may get secondary infections ( just like humans can with colds developing in to bronchitis)
If you are unsure if your dog has contracted Kennel cough we would recommend that you seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible but please do advise the receptionist your suspicions as they may not want you in a busy waiting room with other dogs who may then contract it.
You will be advised to not allow your dog to mix freely with other dogs for anything up to 10 days.The vaccine is administered up the nose as against injection but is quick and totally painless.

Note:Any vaccine takes days for immunity to develop.
Vaccinating on the day the dog is exposed may not be protective.Try to plan vaccination a few weeks before you need to put your dog in kennels to allow full immunity protection.

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