How to Proceed

paws How to Proceed

No need to fill in forms trying to describe your dog’s behaviour and detailing your requirements

Please send an email saying you are interested in Private Training to: with your name/dog’s age & breed/contact number and address including full postcode or call us.

One of us will call you as soon as possible.

So much better to be talking together and planning a way to help you than trying to write back and forth.

Which of us calls depends upon where you live as we cover different areas – so the person who will be looking after you will be the one you can talk to.

We care about you and your dog and will teach both human and canine with courtesy and respect

Talk to us – do we sound like nice people you would be happy to welcome into your home?

Do we sound as if we know what we are doing?
Sue and Barbara teach 6 classes a week and work with over 500 dogs a year in Private sessions

What you won’t hear from Tip Top Dog Trainers :
  • Offers of a Quick Fix
  • Promises that we can cure every problem and that it is your fault if our methods do not work
  • A request for you to commit to a series of sessions and offers of a bargain price if you pay in advance